10 Reasons You Should Move To Canada

Considering a permanent move to Canada? Individuals and families immigrate for many reasons. Canada remains one of the top choices for ex-pats attracting nationals from every continent of the world. The country has a reputation for being one of the friendliest places on earth and most welcoming to immigrants. Canada boasts clean air, good living standards, and safe streets. With a strong work ethic, it’s easy to build a great life, in this great country. While the country does experience much colder than usual weather conditions for most of the year, the aesthetic beauty of the landscapes of Canada is enough to overlook this fact. There are several great Canada travel destinations to visit to test the waters before making the move. But, here are ten reasons why you should take the leap and join this great country:

It’s A Safe Place To Raise A Family

Undoubtedly the number one reason most ex-pats choose to immigrate to Canada is its low crime rate. Peace of mind has no price tag. The country has a small population in comparison to other countries with over 36 million people, which is a fact that needs to be taken into consideration when viewing crimes stats, however, it was reported that only 660 murders were committed in the entire country during 2017.

Outstanding Education System

The education system in Canada is one of the best in the world. Top-performing subjects include math, science, and reading. The country places high emphasis on good quality, accessible education for all children, regardless of their background which makes the move to Canada an obvious choice.

Job Opportunities

Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. The country has a booming economy. The laid-back attitude means that stress levels are usually lower and productivity is higher making it a top destination for ex-pats.

Aesthetically Beautiful

All Canada travel destinations are of the most beautiful in the world. Vast, unspoiled landscapes. Words cannot do it justice. Breathtaking mountainous areas, exquisite lakes, and beautiful forests are all the reasons required to justify a move to Canada.

Overall Quality of Life

Canada offers an overall high quality of life paired with a perfect balance between work and play. Working hours are relaxed and there is an array of public holidays, demonstrating, even further, how much Canadians like leisure time. A lot of emphasis is placed on relaxation in Canada which leads to a more holistic life.

Free Health Care

The healthcare system is funded by taxes and aims to take care of citizens based on need rather than financial ability. Canada’s Medicare system offers free basic healthcare to everyone. Also, some of the best doctors, nurses, and surgeons hail from Canada.


While it might be a bit nippier than other places, the weather conditions in some parts of Canada are tolerable. It’s warmer down south and autumns are short but exquisitely beautiful. What about a white winter? If the weather is a big concern, then areas like British Columbia can offer solace through winter lows that never dip below seven degrees Celsius.

Top Public Services

With some of the best public works in the world, the world regularly looks to Canada for public transport inspiration. Advanced, reliable and consistent; these are the words that aptly describe the public works of Canada. A move to Canada would be justified based on the advantages and benefits offered by this country.

Delicious Food

Canada travel destinations boast delicious, flavorful, cultural food. Flaky pies with a meat and potato filling, thick cut french fries, topped with deliciously fresh cheese curd, drenched in a creamy gravy, scrumptious berry pie, fresh from the ocean lobster rolls in a warm, crispy artisan bun. Need more convincing to make the move to Canada? Didn’t think so.

Good Quality and Affordable Universities

Education is at the cornerstone of any great nation. The country boasts several universities in the top 50 universities in the world and on top of that, education is affordable. A great education alone would be enough motivation to move to Canada.

Some individuals prefer warm weather, others prefer cold weather, whatever the preference, there is a city or province to cater to this. Canada travel destinations rank in the top destinations in the world. The country boasts exceptional food, a great standard of living, excellent schooling, great scenery, and is one of the safest countries in the world. There is no doubt that a move to Canada would be a good life choice for anyone.

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