How Do You Dress When You Travel in Canada?

Summer in Canada typically lasts between June and August, but it can arrive earlier and stay about two months later. The weather during such periods can be pretty hot and humid. That’s why it’s imperative to think about how you dress for summer while you travel in Canada. Note that weather changes can be variable in both the eastern and western parts of the country. However, that shouldn’t deter you from having the time of your life during your trip. With our packing tips, nothing will stop you from exploring all the top Canada travel destinations.

Sandals and Shoes

As you travel in Canada, you’re likely to come across great outdoor destinations. You’ll need a good pair of kicks to walk you through the outdoors. Even if you plan on staying in town, you might have to walk a lot. So, why not pack at least two comfy pairs of shoes to have a backup plan in case it rains? You may also want to carry along sandals that can come in handy during a scorching afternoon, and don’t forget to save your high heels for an evening out.

Light Clothes

One top way to dress for summer while in Canada is wearing light clothes. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a heatwave and have clothes that add up to the heat! Pack up some shorts, tank tops, or t-shirts. Also, consider cotton clothing that’ll allow you to breathe as the summer heat breathes down your neck and tries to roast you up.

Warmer Clothes

Don’t let the hot afternoons in Canada fool you! Evenings tend to get cooler, even when the sun is overhead in July and August. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pack up warmer clothes such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, and jeans to warm you up on cold evenings. Remember that jeans are a versatile base that pairs well with light layers like t-shirts and cardigans, so it’s not a bad idea to have a couple of pairs.


Do you enjoy water activities? If you do, you’ll love Canada travel destinations. Some water sport activities to enjoy while vacationing include freediving, kitesurfing, and swimming. The only way to hit the waves or have a good time at the beach or pool is by packing up your swimsuit. Whether you want to surf the magnificent Nova Scotia coast or go water skiing in Alberta’s prestigious ski resorts, arm yourself with swimming gear and find out why Canada is a water sports lover’s haven.

Sunglasses and a Sunhat

Pack an overflowing hat and sunglasses that will help protect your face (don’t forget to wear sunscreen) from the effects of the sun. Additionally, consider taking a tuque hat with you to keep you warm in the colder evenings or if you’re planning on exploring the freezing mountains. Picture this—you could lose up to 70 percent of your body’s heat via your head! That’s why covering up your head when in the cold is crucial.

Pashmina Scarf or Shawl

When it comes to covering up your head, a pashmina shawl can also do the trick. Its versatility allows you to protect your body from the scorching sun and transform it into a warm covering in the cold. Unlike regular scarfs, pashminas are stylish pieces that can blend well with any outfit.

Don’t Forget Socks

Canada travel destinations are a sight to behold. But with your feet cold after a day out in the water, you might find it hard to enjoy yourself. Therefore, pack up a pair or two of light wool socks. They’ll not only warm you up whenever there’s cold but also keep away any moisture on a humid day. What’s even better is that light wool won’t retain odors, even after wearing your socks for a prolonged period.

Discover Canada Travel Destinations Today!

Canada is a stunning country with lots of fun destinations. From gorgeous scenery to attractive cities to fine dining establishments, you have a lot in store for your trip. During the warm months, dress for summer to stay comfy and make the most out of your trip as you travel in Canada. The hot, muggy summers will have no chance of stopping your fun!

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