Top 5 Authentic Canada Food That You Must Try

When traveling to Canada, consideration should be given to the best Canada travel destinations. While culture, the richness of experience, and aesthetic beauty play a leading role in this decision, traditional Canada food should not be ruled out. It forms as much a part of this wonderful nation as any other factor and should be given equal importance in making such a decision. Knowing exactly where to travel in Canada, with food as one of the main inspirations for a travel itinerary, the following food items have been selected and are exquisite examples of the variety and richness of authentic Canada food.


Tourists who travel in Canada would not complete their trip without a stop in Quebec. Of course, this dish is so popular, it could be ordered anywhere in the country. First on the list of top Canada foods to try is none other than Poutine. Originating in the Centre-du-Quebec region, somewhere in the 1950s, is this delectably creamy, meaty, salty, flavorful dish. Thick, crispy french fries with a soft center, topped with rich, luxuriously smooth cheese curd and drenched in a salty, velvety gravy dripping through the spaces between the fries. Hungry yet? While variations of poutine do exist down south, in New York and New Jersey, nothing beats the original dish.

Nova Scotia Lobster Roll

Did someone say Lobster? Yes, please! Considering top Canada travel destinations for top Canada food? Why not make a stop in Barrington, Novia Scotia, the lobster capital of Canada. So what makes this lobster roll so special? Lobster fishing occurs year-round in this area and fresh lobster is readily available. Nova Scotia’s south shore hosts an annual month-long lobster festival. Deliciously fresh lobster meat smothered in mayonnaise, lemon zest, lemon juice, and green onions, rest on a bed of romaine lettuce, tightly hugged by a warmly toasted crispy artisan roll.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

Dessert lovers take note! This is no ordinary pie. When it comes to delicious Canada food, few items compare to the Saskatoon Berry Pie. Freshly baked berries, with a rich, earthy flavor and almond undertone, nestled in a tender, flaky, golden-brown crust, served with creamy vanilla ice cream, invigorates every taste bud! The pie originates from the Prairies region of Canada, which undoubtedly puts this area on the top Canada travel destinations list, simply because of this pie. Alternatively, the pie is known as Pigeon berry Pie or Serviceberry pie.

Classic Canadian Ceasar Cocktail

While this may not qualify entirely as a food item, it has made the list, purely based on the fact that garnishes have been souped up. The national drink of Canada is similar to a bloody mary, with a small exception, the garnishes. The drink itself contains vodka, clamato juice, Tobasco, and Wostechire sauce, the garnishes, on the other hand, are a feast for the eyes. This is an original when it comes to Canada food. It’s topped with a variety of garlic bread knot skewers, feta stuffed hot peppers, bacon, skewered deviled eggs, anything pickled, and/or mini grilled cheese triangular skewers. All Canada travel destinations boast this beaut!


Yet another Quebec original, the Tourtiere dates back to when Quebec was a French settlement. This Canadian double-crusted, meat pie dish is made with minced beef, veal, or pork, and potatoes. The dish is a staple during Christmas réveillon and over New Year. Traditionally, this meat pie is served with pickled beets, ketchup, chilli sauce, or possibly a Brussel sprout salad. Other side dishes include creamy mashed potatoes, a simple green salad, or roasted broccoli with garlic and parmesan. When it comes to Canada food, this one hits the spot, every time.

Canada travel destinations each possess their own unique history, traditional Canada food recipes, as well as Canadian culture, which make up the great country of Canada. It’s simply not enough to travel TO Canada. Travel IN Canada is a must, to soak up the richness of this wonderful country and experience all that it has to offer. It is as vibrant and exotic as the food it offers to the world and each meal incorporates a little bit of its history, its people, its way of life, and tells a story about Canada.

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