8 Mistakes When Visiting Canada

Have you been dreaming about visiting Canada and planning your travel destinations within the country? Don’t let your excitement override your good sense. Below are 8 mistakes to avoid as a Canadian tourist.

1. Not Arranging Lodging in Advance

You may be caught up in the moment and an opportunity for you to visit your favorite Canada travel destinations came at the last minute. It’s so easy to forget to make a hotel reservation. As Canada tourists, you will be scrambling to find a hotel once your flight lands. It takes up too much time and you may already be tired from the flight. Be sure to look up hotel deals as soon as you find out that you’re traveling to Canada. Book the reservation as soon as possible so you will have a place to stay.

2. Don’t Visit Canada Without An Itinerary and Miss Out

One of the most important things about traveling to Canada is to come with an itinerary. There are some great Canada travel destinations that are simply out of this world. To be in tune with nature, check out Baniff National Park. As you’re hiking up the mountains, check out the scenery. It is amazing and worth it. There are many Canada tourists who also visit Niagara Falls. This setting is picturesque and you wouldn’t want to miss it. You can see the falls on the bridge and use this amazing scenery for a spectacular photo. If you feel like going into the city, Montreal is a great place to visit. You can check out the history of Montreal at the museum.

3. Don’t get Gouged by Currency Exchange Rates

Many people that travel in Canada from other countries do not realize that Canada is its own country so they bring money from the country they’re traveling from. This is one of the top mistakes to avoid when visiting Canada because it’s important to have money on hand. Let your bank know that you are heading to Canada and see if you can get a currency exchange in Canadian dollars. Their fees are very minimal; they only charge about 1-3 percent to withdraw your cash into Canadian cash.

4. Not Wearing the Right Clothes at Your Canada Travel Destinations

Not knowing the geographical location of Canada can be troublesome for you if you show up wearing the wrong kinds of clothes. Before you travel in Canada, make sure you know what the weather will be like. Not only the weather but what you will be doing at your travel destinations. Research activity-appropriate clothes before you travel. This is where an itinerary comes in handy.

5. Getting Flights Mixed-Up When You Travel in Canada

It can happen in the blink of an eye; you are traveling to Canada and you get your flights mixed up. Some flight numbers may look very similar to one another. To avoid this mistake, double-check and triple-check to make sure you have the correct information. You will need that to get your boarding passes. When you get to the airport, look to make sure nothing has changed. You can also call on the way to the airport so you will know what gate to arrive at.

6. Not Planning Ahead for Delays in Your Canadian Travel

Before you head to your Canada travel destinations, it is a must that you are prepared for long travel times. It’s also good to be prepared if your flight doesn’t leave on time especially if you have children because you have to keep them occupied. Canada tourists forget that it could take hours before you arrive in Canada. To avoid a catastrophe, look into your state or country where you are traveling from and see how many hours. You could also call the airport to see if they have that information. Bring a few snacks and drinks for the way there and plenty of entertainment for the kids so they won’t ask you a hundred times if you are almost there.

7. As you Travel in Canada be Aware of Phone Charges

Another one of the biggest mistakes when visiting Canada is not being aware of phone charges you can incur traveling across the border. Some providers have plans where you can add international roaming to your data plan so it is included instead of having to pay extra fees. Look up your plan to see what you can do before you go to your Canada travel destinations.

8. Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget Your Passport or Enhanced Driver’s License!

To travel into Canada by air, you must have a current passport (just like any other foreign country). However, if you travel by land or sea, a current Enhanced Driver’s License is also acceptable. During the pandemic, you also have to have proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of crossing.

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you avoid the above mistakes, you re in for the time of your life not matter which Canadian travel destination you choose!

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